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      My passion for horses has led me to pursue a lengthy education in the classical system of riding.  This system treats horses in an ethical manner and develops the natural physiology and psychology of the horse to create a strong, healthy and willing partner.  Developed over hundreds of years, it is a proven method through which a rider can communicate their horse to produce a harmonious partnership.  


        My biggest asset as a trainer is my focus on communication, both with horses and riders.  I believe a rider must first understand what they are trying to achieve and the exact means by which it is attained.  I do not believe in “just making it happen” by whatever means necessary.  By being more process focused, students work within a clear structure and this reduces their stress.  They develop an understanding for the language of riding which produces results they can recreate at will.  This, along with my education in the classical school of riding, ensures that people and horses are treated fairly.


       I grew up training western horses in Northern California and have always enjoyed working with riders of different disciplines and horses of different breeds.  At Onoda Dressage, it all boils down to a human and a horse, then finding a healthy way to communicate.  



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